Now you can test this tracking system using Android phone as a GPS tracker. You need a phone with GPS receiver and Android 2.2 or higher.

Instalation instruction:

  • Download & install the tracking application Trakergps from Google Play (Android Market). (trakergps.apk)
  • Enable GPS.
  • Make sure that data connection (Internet) is active.
  • Start Trakergps application.
  • Application shows IMEI number, use this number to register device.
  • After registration check your email for login details.
  • Press "Start" button to enable the sending of location data.

FAQ - Android tracking application

How it works?

Application sends a gps position data (location) to the server on every 30 secs.

Does the sending of location is active in background?

Yes, when sending of location is started press "Close" button to continue sending in background.

Does tracking app drains my phone battery faster?

Battery usage is the same as with others GPS apps. When phone goes sleep (screen is off) sending position is suspended until phone wakeup.

How to disable the sending of location?

Recall the tracking app, press the "Stop" button.